Sunday, November 22, 2009

A dance

I had my first dance on Friday, and it was a blast. The DJ played lots of songs I knew from See you again by Miley Cyrus to the YMCA. We just danced the night away. They had refreshments, limbo, but no NT(who I forgive and want back). I had fun anyway, just me and almost all the girls (no Tabbycat either). I had a chance to get with the others and a chance to have fun with them. I did, and the fun lasted three hours!

The girls even tried to pair me with a boy twice! First with one in my class then with one from a different school. I don't know why, but both rejected me. We did the Macarana and cha cha slide. It was fun, and I'm happy that we did it. I just wish that Tabbycat were there.....

Monday, November 9, 2009

crushes... crushes.. Crushed!

Today was a fun day being Music appreciation day, but like always I was the target for bullies. The strange thing was unlike his usual self NT joined the bullying! I could not believe my eyes or ears! Why he decided to do it I have no clue. He just did, and Tabbycat didn't do anything because we were playing kickball and she was on the other team. (so she did not know what was going on until I told her) Afterwords I could tell that NT felt bad, but I'm still mad so I"m not going to talk to him for a little while, and until he apologizes for what he said to me I'm going to stick closer to this boy at my karate school.

Besides that life is well... life. What can I say seventh grade's an adventure and always will be.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The best day a chrushing girl could ever want

Yesterday, I went to my chruch's parish festival, and guess who I saw there: NT!!!! It was just me and him having fun in the teen's section Tabbycat doesn't even know yet. I hope to tell her though, since it was so fun! I tried to impress him by playing soccer, basketball, and dogeball. Surprisingly it was fun even though I'm more of a karate and dance kinda girl. Although, I think I may have returned with some bruises from getting hit with a soccer ball. Oh, well at least I had fun right!

Hopefully, this week Tabbycat and I will have a chance to actually tell him the truth since we've been hiding it for almost two months. Wait! If we BOTH tell him wouldn't it be kinda creepy? Or just a good halloween surprise? I dunno.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Roleplaying sites

I love to Roleplay, here's my sites that I'm on mostly:

Cinderpaw was created by Cinderstar who sadly left, and WO was made by Blossumtail. They are both Warrior cat Roleplaying sites. (the warriors books by Erin Hunter) I have lots of characters on Cinderpaw cool, mean, strange, and smart.

My Cats:
Darkness (Darkthunder) is a very dark gray tom with dark green eyes. Darkness is VERY smart, doesn't normally pay attention to rules, and thanks to his coloring he can easily hide in the darkness. He was terribly scarred when he was young and usually hides in a fox den alone near TwilightClan.

"as much as I'd love to see you two tear each other apart, I don't think that we need blood shed at the moment"

Roleplaying moment:
Darkthunder and Loudcry looked at each other "well, little kitty why are you just staring I thought that once they were gone I'd be dead" She shook her head "I guess that if they want peace we'll have it, as soon as you explain why you killed my friend" Darkthunder sighed and explained "she was telling rumors about me" She protested "so she stretched the stories I do that too" "I know" he nodded "that's why I had a little surprise for you" "peace I hope" Loudcry giggled. "peace for you that is" the whole time they were talking Darkthunder had been cornering her up against a tree in the moonwoods "wait!" she froze. Scarflower returned to check on them to see Loudcry dead "oh no.."

Tanglefeather - Dark ginger tabby tom with golden amber eyes. He's a very strong fighter, a little bossy and loves to mess with his sisters. Played by Redear.

"good three hot dogs working together!"

Roleplaying moment:
Tanglefeather ran out of his tunnel "not over there!" then he stopped short "Loudcry?"
The she-cat was walking backwards and bumped right into him. They both screamed startled.
Darkness stifled a giggle stepping ever closer to them.

Alice- a tiny light brown she-cat with soft golden eyes. She says she can see the future, some believe her, but some say shes insane. Alice is pixie-like and can be very irritating for something so small. She is smart and always knows whats right, even with little evidence. Some cats don't like to fight her, but if you let her get the chance, she'll rip you to shreds. Her every movement is like a dance step. If you are smart enough, you know not to bet against Alice. (Redear)

quote: "I'm not sure this is a good idea"

Roleplaying moment:
Alice pushed the rest behind her and leaped at Beauty "LEAVE THE KITS ALONE!"

Those are my main cats that I play, and some of my favorite moments with them.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Music monthly

I live for music, but unlike most tweens I LOVE show tunes! Most tweens I've noticed: like more pop and alternative. Me, I'd rather listen to Andrew Lloyd Webber, than Nick or Disney singers usually. Although, I do like things like the Jonas brothers and Selena Gomez.....

Selena Gomez is normally known as Alex Russo on Wizard's of Waverly place, but she has her first album out called Kiss and Tell. I don't have it yet, but I've started to download the songs from it for my MP3 player. So far my favorite song she sings is Magic from the Wizard's movie. The next song of hers I hope to listen to is called Naturally.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is a composer/playwright. He has composed many musicals including, Phantom of the opera and Cats (two of the longest running on Broadway). My favorite currently being Phantom of the opera.

Phantom of the opera is a love story about a chorus girl and a deformed genius, who loves her. Its about how the phantom tries to get her to love him back. I don't want to give away too much if you wanted to see it and haven't yet.

That's pretty much how I'm going to have it monthly!

Here's a couple of videos I found that I kinda like:

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Kids.. kids.... kids! They are annoying, bothersome, and loud. There's never a peaceful moment with Cia, Coco, and CJ! When one's crying the other two are beating on me. When one's digging into my school stuff, the other two are throwing fits. Its horrible! They've already ruined my whiteout and destroyed my first mp3 player. Next thing you know it I'll be buying lots of new school supplies, and stuff!

What's fun about them though, is that they love me, and they're adorable! Cia's my little Kia and I"ll drive her all the way home, and Coco's well Coco. Besides, aren't they cute??!

Whats cool and what's not

Warriors,Twilight, Phantom of the opera, music, love, fun.... the list goes on.

Let's get the inside scoop on some things I love!


theories I made: Leafpool had kits with Crowfeather- true! Ashfur helped Hawkfrost- true! They are making a warrior cats movie- still on the balance


I heard somewhere that the actor and actress that play Edward and Bella are actually dating!

Phantom of the opera: They are making a squeal! YAY! (I hope its good!!)