Sunday, November 22, 2009

A dance

I had my first dance on Friday, and it was a blast. The DJ played lots of songs I knew from See you again by Miley Cyrus to the YMCA. We just danced the night away. They had refreshments, limbo, but no NT(who I forgive and want back). I had fun anyway, just me and almost all the girls (no Tabbycat either). I had a chance to get with the others and a chance to have fun with them. I did, and the fun lasted three hours!

The girls even tried to pair me with a boy twice! First with one in my class then with one from a different school. I don't know why, but both rejected me. We did the Macarana and cha cha slide. It was fun, and I'm happy that we did it. I just wish that Tabbycat were there.....


  1. i never got the chance to ever dance in any party when i was growing, not even in my own party. I got sick when I was 8 and stopped walking.

    My name is Thess by the way :)